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Project Portfolio

Midway Central Station at Bedford Park

Midway Central Station at Bedford Park

Under the supervision of MWRD, Alessio & Sons with ALPA Construction completed site utilities, installation of 722 cell piece Storm Trap System, and excavation for the recent job at Midway Central Station, Village of Bedford Park. Once completed, the Midwest Central Station complex will feature 116,000 square feet for indoor sports, events and recreation. 

General Iron Picture

General Iron - Chicago

Working with George Solitt Construction, Alessio moved over 65,000 cy performing the earth work foundation excavation at the General Iron facility in Chicago. Earth excavation crews moved over 65,000 cy and site crews installed 3 miles of pipe for watermain, process pipe system, storm and sanitary sewers.

O’Hare East Airfield Lighting Control Vault

O’Hare International Airport - East Airfield Lighting Control Vault

Alessio & Sons completed earthwork, sewer and water, and demolition for this project. Alessio performed a connection to an existing 7’ diameter storm sewer adjacent to an active runway. Alessio also completed demolition of existing utilities for this project which included the removal and haul-off of the asbestos-containing electric conduit and the removal of an existing jet fuel line.  This project took eight years to design and was under the careful supervision of the Alessio project team, the city of Chicago, the Chicago Department of Aviation, and broadway electric inc. 

CyrusOne Aurora, IL

CyrusOne Aurora DC-II, Aurora, IL

Project Principal responsible for 50,000 cubic yards of mass excavation on a 12-acre site for the construction of a 280,00 square foot building. Lime stabilization and 26,000 ton of aggregate were used to construct a building pad during winter months in order to accelerate the schedule. Excavation and backfill for building and generator foundations performed during the winter months also. 2,500 linear feet of storm sewers, 1,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer and 4,800 linear feet of water main were installed with 1,500 linear feet being installed through wetlands under direction from the U.S. Army Corp.

Sherlock Elementary School, Cicero, IL

Project Principal responsible for 2 contracts, one for the excavation and underground site utilities for a new school in Cicero. Work included demolition of a 3 story brick structure, excavation and backfill for a new school including 11,500 tons of Subtitle “D” haul off and disposal, installation of a storm trap, water main, storm sewer and sanitary sewers.
Airport Expansion Project in Kankakee

Kankakee Airport Expansion, Kankakee

Project Principal responsible for 350,000 cubic yards of mass excavation on a 50-acre site. Performed excavation and backfill for a 120,000 square foot hanger building. Furnished and installed all water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and necessary cofferdams. Remediation of asbestos soils and the lime and cement stabilization of pavement subgrades was also performed on this project.

Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, Wilmington

Project consists of asbestos abatement, removal and disposal of the complete structures including windows, doors, frames, fixtures, roof, floors, and foundation.

Hennepin, IL – Steel plant being demolished

Hennepin Steel

This demolition project consists of complete removal of a 1.3 million square foot steel plant. The building was demolished, all steel was separated by type, prepared and loaded for removal.

Go To Logistics Underground Site Utilities

Go To Logistics, River Grove

Furnish and install two (2) 96” diameter CMP systems providing over 300,000 cubic feet of stormwater detention. The project also consisted of the installation of RCP storm piping from 12” – 42” diameter. Over 2,000’ of water main was installed with hydrants, valves and appurtenances along with a sanitary sewer and service for the new 220,000 square foot building.

Mass Grading in Heritage Park

Heritage Park Basin & Mass Grading, Homer Glen

Over 80,000 cubic yards of material was moved to provide added fishing ponds, swales and detention for the Village of Homer Glen.

Bensenville Bodome

Bensenville Sports Dome, Bensenville

Project principal responsible for 150,000 CY of mass excavation on a 30.5-acre site. This project is being constructed on an old golf course which was built on a closed former solid waste landfill. Because of this, the mass excavation required that special environmental procedures be followed. Work also performed included demolition of an existing municipal garage, clearing and grubbing of the site, protection of wetlands and the excavation, backfill and placement of the base course for an athletic dome.

Walmart #5404-05, Homewood, IL

Project principal responsible to convert a vacant retail building into a Walmart Super Center. Work included excavation and backfill for building, additions, re-contour parking lot, add a permeable paver section for stormwater detention and excavate for a new fuel facility. All excess material was hauled off-site as subtitle “D” material.
Meijer Store Front

Meijer Store

Alessio has worked at multiple sites for Meijer. Our latest project included demolishing existing homes and roads inside project limits. We also performed mass excavation of 250,000cyd of soil for the construction of detention ponds, lots, and building pads. We are currently beginning phase 2 to complete the entire site development.

Troy Middle School Building

Troy Middle School

Alessio undercut the entire building footprint 12 feet below-grade to remedy an unsuitable structural fill condition. We were tasked with importing 70,000cyd of soil for the shortage and supplied all excavation and stone services for the project.