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Plant Maintenance Service

Plant Maintenance

Alessio Plant Maintenance includes services built around industrial maintenance and thorough cleaning of hazardous waste for businesses that refine oil, process natural ethanol and natural gas, manufactured goods and petrochemical products, generate electricity, or generally create waste deposits of any kind. These services may include a variety of high-pressure water and ice blasting, industrial chemical cleaning, and wet or dry vacuum services.

Alessio Demolition Services


Alessio professional demolition services include complete removal and disposal of massive, entire structures including the windows, doors, frames, fixtures, roofs, floors, and foundation with separation of materials and remediation.

Underground pipelines

Underground Site Utilities

Alessio Companies specializes in professional underground infrastructures including the installation of complex sanitary sewer systems, storm sewers, necessary cofferdams, water mains, pump stations and a variety of vital underground utility systems.

Earth Excavation Service

Earth Excavation

With Alessio's professional Earth excavation, the layer of soil called the 'spoil' directly beneath the topsoil is removed and stockpiled to construct future foundations and embankments. With professional equipment and trained personnel, the job can be done quickly and safely without unnecessary damage or incident.

Environmental Abatement

Environmental Services

Alessio provides a variety of environmental services after demoliotion and earth excavation services are provided to ensure safety is ensurd and harazdous materials are removed. Abatement services are provided to remove mold, asbestos, and other harmful substances left behind by previous construction and unexcavated landfills.